Always buy two baits


You don't want be catching fish and loose that one and only lure that's catching them. So always by two!

Taking a trip to the Mississippi River, or MacBride, or other bass & walleye filled waters?  You better have a good stock of crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and topwaters.  We have all of these fish catching machines.

Make sure you have the right fishing lines and replacement hooks so you can retie often change the hooks so you don't loose fish.

When should you throw a square bill, or a spinnerbait, or a deep diving crankbaits? As a rule of thumb through spinners when it's lower light or windy. Through a square bill around wood at 6' or less. Deeper diving crankbaits 6' water or more, on rip-rap banks wing dams and other hard cover. For more tips and more baits to stock up with, stop into CR Bait & Tackle in Cedar Rapids today!

Plus very soon we will have updated fishing reports here on the website.


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